Poster Presentation

Information for Poster Presentation

  • The ideal poster size should be a maximum of 46.8 inches high x 33.1 inches wide. (i.e., A0 size)
  • Fasteners will be provided at the site.
  • Poster should be put during Oct 20-Oct 22, 2008
  • At least one of the authors must present at the conference in Poster Sessions.
  • An award will be presented to the best poster presentation.

Accepted Posters

ID Title / Authors
P01 Correlation between Nucleotide Composition and Folding Energy of Coding Sequences with Special Attention to Wobble Bases
Jan Biro
P02 Specific Properties of Proteins as Basis for their Functional Classification
Krishna Misra, Rajesh Kesharwani and Mona Chaurasiya
P03 In silico 3D Structure Prediction of Enolase [Bos taurus]
SHEETAL KHATRI, Ashish Patel and Mukesh Kumar VERMA
P04 A Novel and Powerful Method in the Analysis of Array-Based Comparative Genomic Hybridization (aCGH) Data
Yang Xiang, Gopi Ganji, Ketan Patel, Vinisha Khemani, Amit Aggarwal and Greg Tucker-Kellogg
P05 Knowledge Based Method to Inference Transcription Factor DNA Binding Preference
Cai Yudong, Lingyi Lu and Ziliang Qian
P06 PiRaNhA: A Server for the Prediction of RNA-binding Residues in Protein Sequences
Yoichi Murakami, Ruth V. Spriggs, Susan Jones and Haruki Nakamura
P07 A Tool-cum-Database for Identification of Genus Xanthomonas Causing Plant Diseases
P08 Comparison between Traditional Method and the Artificial Neural Network Model - an Application of Remote Health Monitoring
Huang Jui-Chen
P09 A Graphical Model Approach for Inferring Large-Scale Networks Integrating Gene Expression and Genetic Polymorphism
Jen-hwa Chu, Scott T. Weiss, Vincent J. Carey and Benjamin A. Raby
P10 Functional Variation of Degenerate Positions in Transcription Factor Binding Sites
Chung-Yi Cho, Krishna. B. S. Swamy and Huai-Kuang Tsai
P11 Comparative Sequence Analysis and Annotation of the PIP5K Gene Locus in Eimeria Maxima
Mei-Yen Goh, Mei-Zhen Pan, Damer Blake, Kiew-Lian Wan and Beng-Kah Song
P12 Induce-fit Revisit: Protein Conformational Changes in Response to External Perturbations Examined Using Linear Response Theories
Lee Yang, Akio Kitao and Nobuhiro Go
P13 In silico Identification of Gene-Related Patents
Byungwook Lee and Woo-Yeon Kim
P14 Comparative Analysis of the Genes in Cytochrome P450
Parul Tewatia, Subodh Srivastava and Shakti Sahi
P15 Analysis of Candidate Exonic Splicing Regulatory Motifs in Rice Exons
Y.-K. Wang, Q.-A. Chen and Y.-T. Chao
P16 Comparative Analysis of Frequency and Distribution of Exonic Splicing Enhancer Elements in Human and Mouse Genes
H.-B. Hung, Q.-A. Chen and Y.-T. Chao
P17 Rice Base: a Database of Rice Genotypes of Orissa, India
PREMANARAYAN JAGADEV, Madhusmita Patro and Suryanarayan Rath
P18 Detecting Conserved Primers of Orthologous SSRs through Comparative Genomics
Chia-Sheng Chuang, Hua-Ying Kao, Chien-Ming Chen and Tun-Wen Pai
P19 Tuberculosis Vaccinogenomics Database: an Immuno-Informatics Approach for Rational Peptide Vaccine Design Using Mycobacterium tuberculosis, H37RV Proteins
P20 ECO-MP – Development of Genome-Scale Metabolic Pathway Database for Escherichia coli
Subazini TK, Rajadurai C.P and RameshKumar G
P21 SSPred: a Prediction Server Based on SVM for the Identification and Classification of Proteins Involved in Bacterial Secretion Systems
Sachin Pundhir and Anil Kumar
P22 Variation on Regulatory Motifs Cause Different TF Binding Affinites and Affect the Interactions between Co-occurring TFs
Sufeng Chiang and Huai-Kuang Tsai
P23 Particle Swarm Optimization with Mutation Operation for Feature Selection
Li-Yeh Chuang, Yu-Jung Chen and Cheng-Hong Yang
P24 Selecting Representative Tag SNP using Genetic Algorithm based on Linkage Disequilibrium
Cheng-Hong Yang, Yu-Jen Hou and Li-Yeh Chuang
P25 SARSA: a Web Tool for Structural Alignment of RNA Using a Structural Alphabet
Yen-Fu Chang, Yen-Lin Huang and Chin Lung Lu
P26 Application of Fuzzy Neural Network Method in Predicting Model of Chinese Medicine Outpatient Services Use
Huang Jui-Chen
P27 Regulate-SAGE: Mining Software for Serial Analysis of Gene Expression Data
Cheng-Hong Yang, Tsung-Mu Shih, De-Leung Gu, Hsueh-Wei Chang and Li-Yeh Chuang
P28 CPSARST: an Efficient Circular Permutation Search Tool Applied to the Detection of Novel Protein Structural Relationships
Wei-Cheng Lo and Ping-Chiang Lyu
P29 Prediction of Novel Human miRNAs using Tissue-Selective Motifs in 3' UTRs
Yao-Ming Chang, Hsueh-Fen Juan, Tzu-Ying Lee, Ya-Ya Chang, Yao-Ming Yeh, Wen-Hsiung Li and Arthur C.-C. Shih
P30 Allele Mining for Granule Bound Starch Synthase (GBSS) Genes in Rice Genome
Subodh Srivastava and Utpal Roy
P31 The Annotation of Rice LEA Genes Using Domain Knowledge
Fu-Jin Wei, Ming-Der Shih, Cheng-Chieh Wu and Yue-Ie C. Hsing
P32 Using SBS and MPSS to Analyze Rice Gene Families
Cheng-Chieh Wu, Fu-Jin Wei and Yue-ie Caroline Hsing
P33. Conformational Epitope Prediction Based on Geometrical Relationship and Antigenic Characteristics
Szu-Wen Wang, Ya-Fang Liu and Ya-Chi Lin
P34 Prediction of RNA-binding Sites in Proteins Using Support Vector Machines and Evolutionary Information
Cheng-Wei Cheng, Emily Chia-Yu Su, Ting-Yi Sung and Wen-Lian Hsu
P35 Inferring Transcriptional Regulatory Network of Midbody by Network Component Analysis
Shun-Fu Chen, Feng Sheng Wang and Chi-Ying F. Huang
P36. Prediction of Zinc-binding Sites Using Support Vector Machine
Yen-Ting Hsieh, Chu-Wen Yang and I-Fang Chung
P37. Discrimination and Sub-typing of Histologic Grades of Breast Cancer by Analysis of Gene Expression Profiles
Yu-Shuen Tsai, I-Fang Chung, Chin-Teng Lin, Kripamoy Aguan and Nikhil Pal
P38. MOLAS : MicroArray On Line Analysis System, A web platform for Massive Data Management and Analysis
Chung-Yen Lin, Shu-Hwa Chen and Wei-Chen Chen
P39 Identification of Bimodal Discriminating Factors in Breast Cancer Microarrays
Yu-Shuen Tsai, I-Fang Chung and Ueng-Cheng Yang
P40 Comparison of RGS4 and NRG1 Proteins for the Indentification of Lead Molecules in Schizophrenia
P41 In silico Discovery of Signaling Pathway
Kuang-Yu Sher and Ueng-Cheng Yang
P42 Application of Association Rule Mining Approach to the Prediction of Intron Retention Events in Human
Hae-Jin Hu, Sung-Ho Goh and Yeon-Su Lee
P43 From Protein-Protein Interactions to Midbody Network Construction-Identification of Novel Targets in Cytokinesis
Tzu-Chi Chen, Sheng-An Lee and Chi-Ying F. Huang
P44 Gene Regulation of Calcium-related Pathways in Human Brain Tissue - a Systems Biology Approach
Kuan-Hui Shih and Ueng-Cheng Yang
P45 POINeT: Protein Interactome with Sub-network Analysis and Hub Prioritization
sheng-an lee, Chen-hsiung Chan, Chia-Ying Yang, Kuo-chuan Huang, Kao Cheng-Yan, Kun-Mao Chao, Jin-Mei Lai, Feng-Sheng Wang and Chi-Ying F. Huang
P46. Correlation Analysis of Expression Profiles between MicroRNAs and Messenger RNA Targets Using NCI-60 Data
Yu-Ping Wang and Kuo-Bin Li
P47. A Modular-Based Prediction of Human Disease Genes Using Protein-Protein Interaction Network
Wan-Rong Chung, Chiu-Jun Liu, Chia-Tzu Lee and Jiun-Yan Huang
P48 Robustness and Topology of Cell-Cycle Network in Yeast
Wen-Bin Lee and Jiun-Yan Huang
P49 Do Functionally Related Proteins Share Recurred Sequence Patterns?
Yu-Yu Liu and Kuo-Bin Li
P50. Predetermined or Stochastic Cell Fate Decision?
Pei-Hsuan Lee, Mu-Tzu Chu, Ching-Cher Yan, Haiwei Pi and Chao-Ping Hsu
P51 Bioinformatics as an Information-based Cross-Disciplinary subject
Harinder Pal Singh Kalra
P52 A Pentapeptide-Profile-Based Method for Predicting the Solvent Accessibility Patterns of Protein Secondary Structures
Meng-Jiun Lai
P53 Graph-based Exploration of Nanoparticles Associated Cellular Protein-protein Interactions
Wei-Chen Liao
P54 PhosphoPOINT: a Comprehensive Human Kinase Interactome and Phospho-Protein Database
Chia-Ying Yang, Kun-Mao Chao and Chi-Ying F. Huang
P55. Similarities of Bio-Sequences through the Hamiltonian of Dot-Plot Diagram
Chung-Jen Ou
P56 On the Performance Study of Optical Neural Networks for Bio-Sequences Classification
Chung-Jen Ou, Chung-Ming Ou and C.D. Huang
P57 Comparative Analysis of Cyanobacterial Superoxide Dismutases to Discriminate Canonical Forms
Balakrishnan Priya, Jagdeesan Premanandh, Lakshmanan Uma and Dharmar Prabaharan
P58 Nitrilase Superfamily in Cyanobacteria – a Concise Study
Viswadevan Viswajith, balakrishnan priya, Dharmar Prabaharan and Lakshmanan Uma
P59 Evolution of Reduced and Compact Chloroplast Genomes (cpDNAs) in Gnetophytes: Selection toward a Lower-Cost Strategy?
Chung-Shien Wu, Yu-Ting Lai, Ching-Ping Lin, Ya-Nan Wang and Shu-Miaw Chaw
P60 HTBlast: A web interface for High-Throughput BLAST
Chang-Wei Yeh,Chuan-Xin Wang and Chang-Huain Hsieh
P61 CytoSpace: Host conscious circuit design through 3D biological network visualization
Jesse Wu, Chih-Hsien Yang, Ying-Hsueh Huang and Chuan-Hsiung Chang
P62 Towards the whole picture of an entire cellular system:
Accessing genome-scale system properties of Escherichia coli K-12 through an integrated interaction network
Ying-Hsueh Huang, Chien-Chi Lo, Wen-Ching Chan, Wei-Xuan Lo, Chih-Hsien Yang, Chi Yang, Ching-Hung Tzeng, Tien-Chueh Kuo, Yi-Feng Chang and Chuan-Hsiung Chang