• Taiwan Taoyuan International airport
  • Taipei bus and transportation information system
    • Metro Taipei (Municipal Rapid Transit system, MRT): If you would like to experience the beauty of Taipei by yourself, the most economical and logical way for you is to use the Metro rapid transit system (MRT). The Taipei MRT system is well indicated with English signs. The “Taipei MRT Tourist Information and Map” which is available at each station serves as a useful guide for you to explore many interesting places in Taipei. Tickets van be purchased from ticker machines in MRT stations. The fare is based the trip distance and start at NT$20. Those planning frequent trips can buy a one-day ticket for unlimited travel within a day at MRT stations for NT$200.
    • Bus: The bus system is reliable and efficient in Taipei. There are more than 300 bus lines and the major transfer hub is around Taipei Main Station. The bus system is extremely comprehensive, but can be difficult for non-Chinese readers. Destination signs on all buses are in Chinese, are the bus schedules. Most bus drivers do not speak English. The fare for travel is NT$15 per section. Most bus services operate until 23:00.

    • Taxis: Taxis are available 24 hours a day in Taipei. They all have yellow color and charge by the distance of traveler’s trips. It is recommended that you have the name of your hotel written in Chinese on a piece of paper before your hotel, as few taxi drivers speck English. In the CKS International airport, you could go to the information desk of Tourist Information Desk right in the lobby to ask for assistance or any further information. In Taipei city, the rate for taxi is NT$70 for the first 1.5 kilometers and NT$5 will be added to every additional 300 meters. A 20% surcharge is added from 23:00 to 6:00 next morning. There is no need to tip the driver. Women passengers are advised to call a taxi company for pick-up at right for safety reasons.